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2-Day Velocity Training Program For Pitchers/Throwers

11-25 Years of Age..





What's Really Holding Your Son Back From Putting It All Together & Making It To The Next Level?

  • Why he really struggles to get more from his lower-half and how much velocity, plus added arm stress, it's costing him?

  • Why he's so inconsistent because he's good one inning and terrible the next...(Is it a mental or physical problem?) 

  • Why he sometimes complains of arm pain and we're not sure if it's caused by him doing too much throwing, or not enough? 

  • Why he loses velocity when he steps on the mound... Even the smaller pitchers throw it harder than he does? (Why is this happening?) 

  • Why he's the hardest worker on the team and always goes the extra mile, but it's hard to know what to work on when every coach you've had tells you something entirely different and even harder when you've got NO CONFIDENCE.

We Teach Movements You Can FEEL and Not Mechanics You Can't!

Here's why. 

  • Most pitchers can't FEEL their mechanics, so they slow down and have to think about every single move they make. 

  • They have no way of knowing whether they're doing it right, or wrong.... In other words they're either left guessing or at the mercy of whatever coach is watching them at the time. 


But what happens when he performs it the exact same way in front of a different instructor? 

Yep, you guessed it. He's told to start back over because what he's been doing is ALL WRONG.

That's why pitchers constantly feel like they're starting over. 

Like I said, until a pitcher can FEEL what you're asking him to do, he will never truly understand. 


Think about it. 

You Were Born With The Ability To FEEL Natural Movements...


That's why we teach movements that you can FEEL, not mechanics that you can't

Who Else Wants To Finally FEEL How To Engage Your Lower-Half  To Naturally Throw Harder, Easier &  Quicker… With Far Less Effort Than Ever Before?

Would adding 2-3 MPH of velocity, right now, benefit you and your future in this game?
  • Do you ever dream about how much better your son would be if he knew how to get the most from his lower body?  (Not to mention taking the added stress off his arm)

  • Does he ever get frustrated when he hear's coaches tell say “use your legs” but they fail to teach you how?

  • Does he ever experience arm pain, do you worry he is going to blow out his arm, if you don’t figure something out soon?

  • Do you FEEL like you’re wasting your time, or always starting over, because no matter what you try… You’re not seeing results transfer when it matters most, game-time?

  • If you answered yes, this 2 Day program is going to be a game-changer for your son!


Baseball is a Rotational sport,  Hitting - Throwing - Fielding are all Rotational activities but rarely does anyone teach ballplayers how to use the lower half of the body. Our two day velocity camp will teach your son how to get maximum Kinetic Energy from his body.

Learn How To Separate Your Hips From Your Shoulders Like A ‘Rubber-Band’, Spring-Loading Your Body and Giving Your Arm NO CHOICE But To Move Faster, Safer With Less Than 1/3 Of The Effort Required Before

Elite Pitching 2 Day Camp 

Here's What You Get

Day One: 

  • Mind or motor test results: You will find out whether or not most of your performance woes are mental, or physical. 

  • Functional movement screening to find the hidden ticking time bombs and finally let you know with 100% certainty whether you're facing movement constraints, or if it's really a pitching mechanics problem. 

  • Velocity Leak Scan: This is the cornerstone of the entire program and will quickly pin-point where you're leaking velocity and will allow us to begin customizing a 100% "For you only" program to get it fixed. 

  • Arm Care program which will include a customized long toss, pregame and post-game throwing routines. so that you'll never have to guess again what your son should be doing on game day, or any other day.  


By the end of Day #1: you will have answered the following questions: 

  • Where is my son's invisible stress? 

  • What's really holding him back? 

  • What's the best plan of attack before it's too late?

  • Is his mind or body failing him, and how do you know? 

  • Is his body locked up or just confused from previous instruction over the years? 

  • Is it really his mechanics that are bad, or is his body locked up or just confused?

  • Which velocity leak is killing your son and holding him back from reaching his potential? 

  • What type of pitcher is he really, and where do I see him three years from now? 

  • How should his long toss program and throwing routines be set up to maximize the efficiency of his training time? 

Find out exactly where are you leaking velocity inside your delivery.

Day #2: How To Get Everything You've Got From Your Lower Half While Putting Pitching Mechanics On Auto-Pilot


The Primary Focus On Day #2 Is How To Get More From Your Lower-Half To Reduce The Stress From Your Arm.

Here's where I show you how to get everything you can from your lower-half. 

  • How to overload and under load your hips to generate on-the-spot arm speed. 

  • How to get more from your legs by using more of your eyes. 

  • How to use your feet to reduce the amount of stress on your arm. (Cleveland Indians absolutely loved this one.) 

  • How to involve his entire body to throw the baseball at higher speeds, to take the stress of his arm and involve the most important, but least discussed, region of his body. (Hint: it’s not the arm)

  • Discover why changing your son’s pitching mechanics is dangerous, and why video analysis is a complete waste of your time if you do it this way-  


The goal of Day #2 is teaching your son how to become his own pitching coach, so he can instantly learn how to override your body's built-in defense system to move faster, safer, easier. 

*This kind of stuff would take you years of trial and error and probably still never come close. 


By the end of the day two....

  • Your son will begin to feel your own mechanics, describing the difference between right and wrong in his own words. 

  • And after a week or two, you'll begin to feel your mechanics on autopilot. 

It's just a matter of time before your son will start to make his own adjustments, because he can now FEEL the difference between right and wrong. Next thing you know, you're coasting on autopilot.


Here's what else we will discuss. 

  • How to mirror your hips to the slope of the mound to move faster, more efficiently. 

  • How to touch different parts of your body to tell it exactly what it needs to do without ever having to think about it. 

  • How to generate greater ground forces to give your arm no choice but to move faster and throw harder, easier. 

  • How to cork-screw your hips to windup your lower-body like a rubber band... Convincing your arm it's running out of time. 


Finally, At the end of day 2 we will have a Question and Answer session for all the parent's

This by far will be the best 2 days you will ever spend to help your son take his game to the next level. 

We only have 12 spots available. 

When -   April 12th and 13th 


Time -   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Friday    9:30 AM - 4:30 PM Saturday 


9 Hours of advanced instruction divided into 3 sessions.   


Session 1    Friday       6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Session 2    Saturday   9:30 AM - 12:30 PM 

Session 3    Saturday   1:30 PM - 4:30 PM 


Limited To ONLY 12 Students Per Camp 


Small Camp Setting Guarantees plenty of personal Attention. 


Cost $199.00 (Until April 1st  $299.00 After April 1st) 

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