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Proof Is In The Numbers 

The results of our last 4 Explosive Hitting Groups Are STAGGERING

Average Exit Velocity Increase 5.8 MPH

Average Bat Speed Increase 4.2 MPH

The Explosive Hitting 3 Day Camp 


When -   April 23/24/25th  (Tuesday-Thursday)  


Time -    9:00 AM - NOON 


9 Hours of advanced instruction divided into 3 sessions.   


Session 1    Tuesday       9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Session 2    Wednesday   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Session 3    Thursday      9:00 pm -  12:00 PM


Limited To ONLY 12 Students Per Camp 


Small Camp Setting Guarantees plenty of personal Attention. 


Cost $99.00 

 3 Sessions Over 3 Days  

- Each Session is 3 hours Each 
- Starting With Testing/Evaluations & Mindset
- Video Analysis - Simplified Breakdown of Elite Hitting Mechanics

Each Player is Measured and Evaluated
Bat Speed/Exit Velocity/Launch Angle/Distance/Direction/Spin Type/Spin Rate 
Negative Tendency Report / Positive Tendency Report 



Each player Receives hands on training utilizing various training methods such as..... 

 Reverse Swing Training - Intent Driven Training   

Khaos Training - Efficiency Driven Training  


What is the emphasis of the camp


# 1  Training Players to hit the ball harder (More Exit Velocity) 
      # 2  Training Players to hit with good flight. (Better carry-distance) 

# 3  Create Game Ready Hitters vs. Batting Cage Hitters 

                                                        # 4   Improve timing, Adjustability and Khaos, we will show you methods to become much more prepared for the game.  
                                     # 5   Explosive Hitting Drills and Exercises Personalized To Your Swing 

What Style of Hitting describes the Explosive Hitting Program?

Explosive Hitting is NOT a cookie cutter program. 
"Style" and how an athlete "Wants" to move is extremely individualized. 


Our job is to draw out the natural athleticism in each athlete when swinging a bat.   It should be natural and athletic looking.   NOT ROBOTIC, NOT MECHANICAL. 

The Greatest Hitters in the world have 8 Common Swing Traits.    Most of these traits are overlooked by the general population because they are harder to see and understand.     

This camp gives you a clear understanding of what the greatest hitters in the world do a like.  We then show you simplified processes to follow to achieve these movements. 

Who is the this camp for?
It's for athletes who are passionate about hitting and passionate about improving. 

If you are not completely excited about our camp after session 1
- we will refund your money. 

 We want players who can truly benefit from the Explosive Hitting Experience.


If you don't think it's exceptional - then we don't want to drag you through it.

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