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Explosive Hitting

Does Your Child Need To Build Confidence & Self Esteem At The Plate? Stuggling To Make Contact And Hit The Ball Hard?
For the past 15 years coach McArthur has trained hundreds of players how to be confident and consisten hitters who hit the ball hard. Our methods are diffferent, but we dont want to be like everyone else. Most kids do great in practice but fail to carry that over to games. We teach our students how to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable at the plate. Ultimmately this results in a more relaxed confident hitter. Our small class size allows us to give each student the attention they need in a fun and positive environment. 

Results Are In
The results of our  Explosive Hitting Training Are STAGGERING
Exit Velocity Average Increase - 5.99 MPH 
Bat Speed Average Increase- 3.95 MPH 

 - This is not your common training system -
We believe common people and common training methods will take you nowhere. You and your training methods need to be uncommon.


 When you do what everyone else is doing

you get what everyone else is getting,

Hitting program focusing on the development of:
Natural Athletic Movements.
Hitting the ball harder and hitting the ball farther. 
Consistent on-time barrel contact.


Our View On  Mechanics?

We believe no 2 people in the history of the game have ever thrown or hit exactly a like.   

We don't believe in cookie cutting - forcing one way on everyone. 

We believe in drawing out the natural athletic ability in each player, and guiding them to find the most natural and athletic way to throw or hit.  

Anything That Is Measured Can Be Improved! 
We are obsessed with objectively measuring our players during training 

-Exit Velocity  -Bat Speed  -Ball Flight   -Direction 
-Throwing Velocity   -Throwing Accuracy  -Spin

Our Training Process 
Visual Learning - Using Elite Player Examples on Video 
Creating Feel - " The right drills to create the feel" 
Blending -  Creating a system that goes back and forth  to blend the learning 
Backward Chaining -  It's been around since the Russians used this to train Olympic athletes from the 1960s to the 1980's.   Train Backwards in the chain. 
Intent Driven Training Methods -  The Brain Leads The Movements 
Khaos Training -  Creating Adjustment Making Machines 

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